A story of a former Bad Blue Boy, member of the Croatian football club Dinamo Zagreb ultras group

May 14, 2020

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This is my story.

The story of a former Bad Blue Boys, an ultras group who support the Croatian football club Dinamo Zagreb, member.

What does life mean to you? I would like to ask that question to everyone who will read this, answer it within yourselves.

It all began a funny story in late 2019. “Slightly stronger flu”, that’s what we called it, “only old people die of it” so we defied. With frivolity, we underestimated the situation and the virus entered our small part of the globe. Our life changed in an instant. After that day, the things we could do every day, we couldn’t do anymore. Going out with friends, going to a favorite bar, simple trips to the store. Everything became unsafe. It was then that I began to appreciate the things I took lightly and the little things that under normal circumstances I did not pay attention to. And so, the days went by.

It came on March 22nd. I was looking forward to returning to “society” after four weeks of recovering from illness. At 6:30 am Zagreb and its surroundings were affected by an earthquake. Fear and panic reigned. One young life was extinguished. Many houses and homes were damaged, and people lost a roof over their heads in a matter of seconds. These were scenes I couldn’t watch. I knew I needed to help people in trouble. That day I went to Zagreb to help in the aftermath of the earthquake. I watched people with fear on their faces and it was not easy to answer the question of what would happen tomorrow. The day after that I joined the Red Cross. We deliver food and medicine to those in need and in the isolation.

I would like to emphasize the pride and faith that all these volunteers bring back to the soul of the people in need. Medical staff who works tirelessly to keep people healthy and alive, to marketers who work so we can eat, the drivers of the food delivery trucks, the police maintaining the safety and order of the citizen, volunteers who help with everything that is needed for the virus and earthquake damage repairs. With my Bad Blue Boys who have once again shown that it is never a problem to “put their heads on a stump” for their homeland, and many more. I want to thank all the people who follow the rules of social distance.

It is sad that there are still people who don’t take the situation seriously, employers who risk the health of their employees, and so on. With that, I would like to return to the beginning of this text. What does life mean to you? To you who are you consciously endangering people’s lives? To you, who have profit in mind before human life? There is no price on human life. Message to everyone is that this crisis will be over but things in the society will never be the same.

Croatian Red Cross
May 14, 2020
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