Preparing hand sanitizer for community people against COVID-19

May 1, 2020

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My name ASHIMA KAYAL & I am 35(F) years old. I SERV Instructor and WASH Demonstrator for IRCS ( South 24 Parganas District Branch) for 1 year.
In the current difficult situation with COVID 19 spreading in India as well as my community areas I am more inspired from my Father’s and DHQs for fighting against COVID 19. I have locally formed a young girls team and prepared Hand Sanitizer with personal contribution of my Sr. Colleagues ( IRCS). Myself and team Distributed Hand Sanitizers, Masks, Soaps and Demonstrated Hand Wash Techniques, Distributed Hand Wash leaflets, awareness campaign on social distanceing at market place, bank, cooking gas distribution point & ration Shop etc. Till date more than 4300 nos.Community people were benefited around Raypur GP of Patharprotima Block from us. It is the most difficult time for all health care workers, front-line volunteers around the world, combating with a pandemic that no one knows it’s care and origin.
Ashima Kayal
Indian Red Cross society
May 1, 2020
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